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Shipping out of tradition and with passion: by founding the Asian Spirit Steamship Company, we are adding another chapter to the Rickmers family’s long history in the maritime industry. Thanks to our unwavering commitment to the sector over the past 185 years, we have an extensive network, an excellent reputation and the specialized knowledge necessary to play a key role in shaping the dynamic future of this global industry.

We are currently focusing on cutting-edge tonnage in the growth segment of container feeder ships. The projects are organized, acquired and chartered out on our own account. In doing so, we leverage our own financial strength on the one hand and offer attractive investment opportunities and customer-driven asset management on the other. We continuously analyze the market situation and develop further projects whenever opportunities arise.

MCC Marine Consulting & Contracting GmbH is our main in-house service provider (e.g. technical management control) and the exclusive chartering broker for our fleet. For technical management and operation, we have appointed first-class service providers out of our network.

Shipping and entrepreneurship since 1834.
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Wir trauern um 
Bertram R.C. Rickmers 

Wir trauern um
Bertram R.C. Rickmers

Tieftraurig nehmen wir Abschied von unserem Firmengründer Bertram R.C. Rickmers.
Noch immer fassungslos, dass Herr Rickmers so plötzlich aus dem Leben gerissen wurde, erinnern wir uns an einen rastlosen Unternehmer, leidenschaftlichen Hanseaten, fürsorglichen Familienvater und engagierten Bürger der Hansestadt Hamburg.

Aus der ganzen Welt erreichen uns in diesen Tagen Trauer-Telegramme. So viele Menschen erinnern sich an einen Mann, der das Meer geliebt und ein Leben für die Schifffahrt gelebt hat. Bereits in fünfter Generation bewies Bertram Rickmers immer wieder unternehmerischen Mut und ließ sich in Stürmen nicht vom Kurs abbringen.

In Gedanken sind wir in dieser Stunde vor allem bei Bertram Rickmers Familie, der unser tiefstes Mitgefühl gilt. Bereits im Jahr 2022 hatte Bertram Rickmers die Führung der Geschäfte an seinen Sohn Clasen Rickmers übergeben. Die ASSC bleibt also verlässlich in Familienhand.

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Bertram R. C. Rickmers (Chairman)

Bertram R. C. Rickmers is the founder of The Asian Spirit Steamship Company, the main shareholder of the company and the Chairman of the Executive Management Board. The Rickmers family have a more-than-185-years tradition in entrepreneurship, especially in the shipping industry.

Bertram R. C. Rickmers has been building our group since establishing MCC Marine Consulting & Contracting in 1982, the nucleus of his worldwide business and investment activities. He is a well-known investor in shipping and real estate as well as other industries. Bertram R. C. Rickmers has a degree in economics from the University of Freiburg.

Rickmer Clasen Rickmers

Rickmer Clasen Rickmers became Managing Partner of the Asian Spirit Steamship Company in 2017.

Before that, he worked in several positions throughout the shipping industry. Stationed in Singapore for almost seven years, Clasen Rickmers worked as a business development manager of Rickmers Shipmanagement Pte Ltd. for third party acquisitions and customer relations as well as a broker for Navis Chartering Pte Ltd. for chartering, S&P and new-building contracting.

Clasen Rickmers has done a management trainee program with Bengal Tiger Line Ltd. in Singapore, he has worked in various locations in Southeast Asia and India and he has obtained a diploma of international shipping in Singapore.

Ulrik Kriete

Ulrik Kriete was appointed Managing Director of the Asian Spirit Steamship Company in September 2016 in addition to his role as CEO and Managing Director of BRICK HOLDING.

Before his current position, he served for the Rickmers Group starting in 2004 as Director Controlling with additional responsibilities as Managing Director in several companies within the group and across all group segments dedicated to shipping as well as other investments. In 2011 he became Executive Vice President for accounting, reporting and controlling and was responsible for the modernisation of the financial organisation and the Rickmers Group’s readiness for the capital markets. In 2015 he was appointed CFO of the maritime assets segment and Managing Director of Rickmers Reederei.

After his apprenticeship in banking, he graduated in 1998 from the Leibniz University in Hannover with a degree in economics. Subsequently, he held various senior management positions in international companies, restructuring and building up their financial organisation.

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